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Article VII - Meetings of the BOD

Section 1. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be called by the President and written notice shall be sent to all Directors not less than three (3) days prior to the meeting date.

Section 2. Special meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held when called by any officers of the Association or any two (2) Directors, after not less than three (3) days notice to each Director.

Section 3. The transaction of any business at any meeting of the Board of Directors, however called or noticed, or wherever held, shall be as valid as though made at a meeting duly held after regular call and notice if a quorum is present and, if either before or after the meeting, each of the Directors not present signs a written waiver of notice, or a consent to holding of such meeting, or on approval of the minutes thereof. All such waivers, consents or approvals shall be filed with the corporate records and made part of the minutes of the meeting.

Section 4. A majority of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum thereof. A majority of a quorum shall be effective to transact business.

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